What are the advantages of using silicone leather as a mobile phone case?

In recent years, major mobile phone manufacturers have begun to use leather to make mobile phone backplanes or mobile phone cases. Unlike metal or glass, the mobile phone backplanes and mobile phone cases made of leather as the main material feel very good, very textured, and are deeply loved by people. The majority of consumers love it. However, the leather material is not environmentally friendly enough, and major manufacturers prefer to use artificial leather instead. The new silicone leather not only has the advantages of genuine leather, but is also completely environmentally friendly, so it is chosen by more and more consumers.

The silicone leather phone case looks very formal. If it is in the living and working environment when you often wear more formal clothes such as suits, the silicone leather phone case can echo with the clothes.

Silicone leather also has excellent breathability, so you don’t have to worry about heat dissipation after making a phone case, and it can keep your hand comfortable even in a hot environment.

The most important thing about the mobile phone case is the protection of the mobile phone. The soft silicone leather not only brings a comfortable touch to the mobile phone but also has a very good effect on protecting the mobile phone. When the mobile phone does not believe that it is dropped, the silicone leather material can play a buffering role, thereby reducing the damage to the mobile phone, so the silicone leather is not only skin-friendly and feels good, but also more reassuring to use.

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