Do I need to buy a magnetic phone case for the iPhone 13? Which magnetic phone case is more worth buying?

Do I need to buy a magnetic phone case for the iPhone 13? Which magnetic phone case is more worth buying?

Whether iPhone 13 users need to buy a magnetic mobile phone case depends on their personal situation, because the iPhone 13 supports magnetic adsorption, and the magnetic force is strong when used in a bare metal state, but wearing a normal mobile phone case will affect the magnetic force, so if you use it with bare metal every day, and There is no need to buy a magnetic mobile phone case; if you have the habit of wearing a mobile phone case every day, in order to avoid the influence of ordinary mobile phone cases on the magnetic force, it is recommended to buy a magnetic mobile phone case.

iPhone 13 magnetic action
Starting with the iPhone 12, Apple has built a circle of magnets on the back of the iPhone. Users can use MagSafe magnetic accessories to achieve charging, fixing, and other functions. For example, the MagSafe magnetic charger solves the problem that the wireless charging coil is not easy to align; such as the MagSafe card holder, you can magnetically fix the card case on the back of your phone, and of course, there are MagSafe brackets, three-in-one chargers, and more.

Most users need to wear a mobile phone case for daily use, and ordinary mobile phone cases will affect the magnetic force of the magnet on the back of the iPhone, so there are products such as MagSafe magnetic mobile phone cases. The biggest difference from ordinary mobile phone cases is that there is a built-in ring of magnets on the back. , so the MagSafe magnetic mobile phone case is also magnetic, and wearing and using will not affect the magnetic force.

Recommended magnetic mobile phone case
First of all, it has a built-in magnet, and it also has the magnetic attraction effect mentioned above. In addition, it uses high-quality liquid silicone, and the feel is comparable to the official mobile phone case, and it feels really good! And not yellow or gray.

Then there is an exclusive raised design on the back lens to protect the lens, as well as a detachable small bezel to protect privacy, and the opening is also very accurate. It is indeed a very good product, and interested friends can pay attention to it!

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